Sarasota Orchestra Association Sunset Reception

Shirley with Michael Saunders and Anne Igelbrink from Christies

 SOA and Michael Saunders & Company hosted a sunset reception at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Residences to benefit the Sarasota Youth Orchestra and the Sarasota Orchestra.

Fundraising for Sarasota Orchestra Association

Shirley Taradash is the V.P. of Audience Development for the Sarasota Orchestra Association whose purpose is to support the Sarasota Orchestra and the Youth Orchestra. She has been elected to head up fund-raising by hosting special events. This picture was taken at the Musical Mornings luncheon at the Longboat Key Club highlighting the “New Faces” string quartet from the orchestra who played for the luncheon. $2100 were raised that day for the Saraosta Orchestra Association. Their mantra — “Youth is musics future”.

Shirley Taradash speaking at the Musical Mornings luncheon.

Sarasota-Bradenton Area Voted #1 to Retire

On December 26th, 2010, rated the Sarasota-Bradenton area as the #1 choice for Americans to retire. More than 3 million Americans will turn 65 in 2011, the largest group to become eligible for Social Security in a single year. What effect will this have on our local real estate market?

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Member of the Board of the Miracle League

Sherwin is a member of the board of the Miracle League Manasota. At Sarasota farmers market selling raffle tickets to raise money to complete the ball field at Longwood Run Park.

Devoting his time to support the Micracle League.